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When you engage with a consultant from Newman IT Solutions you will quickly gage that we do something very different. We know that some consultants will make sure that you will hear everything they have got to say, wether it is relevant or not.

Our philosophy is plain, simple and measurable and we do not measure our value in how much we speak or how much we promise.

A typical consultancy engagement from start to finish can look something like the below:


When we first meet, our main focus will be to listen to and understand exactly you and your business trying to achieve as we need to determine if and how we can best help you in achieving the desired result.

We will always ask many questions to ensure that we get it exactly right. If we are unable to provide you with the solution to your particular problem, we will say so straight away to ensure that we do not waste anyone's valuable time.


Based on the initial meeting, we will draft up a proposal which includes rough estimates on time, cost and delivery.

During this process there may be additional questions asked to further ensure that we get the commercials and definition of your requirement right.


We will design a scope of work which is to be discussed and agreed by both parties in writing. The scope of work typically contains information such as:

- What will the solution deliver? (Measurables are important here)
- How will the solution look like?
- What will be used to deliver the solution? (E.g. resources and technologies)
- When is the solution to be delivered?
- Who will be involved in the delivery of the solution?
- When do we propose the work to start?


The system, project or work package will be delivered as per the scope of work to the agreed time and cost. If there are any changes to the definition of the project during this stage, these should be discussed during a meeting so that the SOW can be adjusted accordingly.


Once the system, project or work package has been delivered we would like to go back and measure the actual delivered work to what we specified in the initial proposal and Statement of Work to ensure that you as a Newman IT Solution's customer has received exactly what decided decided at the start of the journey.

This is also where we want to make sure that you as a highly valued customer fully agree that "what was ordered, was fully delivered".

The above is only an example of how our consultancy engagements typically looks like and we can fully customise the engagement to better suit the work package you have in mind depending on the required cost, duration of project etc.

If you have any that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.