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Over the years we have spoken to many people and helped many customers who's thought that their environment was working properly and configured accordingly to their needs.

With the introduction of cloud services, remote connectivity and mobile working the IT landscape has changed so drastically that what was considered best practice and "secure working" only 2-3 years ago, now looks very different.

Even if you make use of a company who provides you with IT support services, we are happy to provide you with a one-off health-check for a small cost which will give you additional assurance that your environment is setup properly and that your information is kept secure.

Our health-check is simple and completely non-intrusive to your current systems and applications as we use a "nuts and bolts approach" and query each systems internal audit logs to find out how healthy they are.

In addition, we also review the configuration of your security products and servers to ensure that best practices have been used when considering basic things like access to files/folders and mail boxes, system and anti-virus updates and open ports in your firewall or internet router.

Newman IT Solutions Health-Check will provide you with:

- A list of all applications and services installed on each computer
- A summary of all warning and error messages recorded in logs
- A review of your firewall configuration
- A review of your server configuration
- A review of the applications you use and how you use them

We finalise the health-check by creating a report which in short terms explains what we have found and provides you with recommendations on how to improve on system-health, productivity and information security.

If your systems are slow or if you suspect that you may have some issues with your current setup or you just want assurance that your environment is healthy and secure please contact us today.